Lola Corazon Leisure Farm in Candaba

Lola Corazon Leisure Farm is located in Talang, Candaba, Pampanga, with their 45,000 square meters of farmland and fishpond makes it an ideal getaway from the suburban life.

Situated just 50 kilometers from Balinwatak Exit in Quezon City, Lola Corazon Leisure Farm is a 40,000-square meter patch of land in Pampanga. Overlooking the lone but magnificent Mt. Arayat, this leisure farm boasts a wide array of features, amenities, accommodations and services to prospective guests.

Right after you enter Lola Corazon’s ‘premises’, you will immediately notice the large pavilion which is specially designed for large meetings, events, corporate activities and others. Its capacity of 300 people and complete sound system equipment makes it an ideal place to host any kind of event.

For team-building activities, Lola Corazon Leisure Farm has a wide area filled with obstacle courses, game equipment and other features perfect to foster a cooperative atmosphere among teams or groups. There is also a tower dozens of feet high for wall climbing and rappelling enthusiasts, and a long zip line to cater to brave and adventurous guests.

Aside from an impressive array of event and activity management structures, this top destination is also known for its accommodation to guests. Whether you want to spend a single night or several days in lola’s farm, this place will easily meet your needs. 

Location Map

Lola Corazon Leisure Farm is simply one of the top destinations in Barangay Talang, Candaba, Pampanga. After passing kilometer 62 along the North Luzon Expressway, just a hundred meters away is the exit toward Baliuag, Bulacan, which borders Candaba. For more information, you may send an email to or call their office at +63 (2) 299 6849 or +63 (44) 711 3650.  

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