Abe's Farm (Resort, Country Cuisine and Spa) in Magalang

Abe's Farm is located in 98 Livestock Village Barangay Ayala, Magalang Pampanga.

If you often drive north and you enjoy relaxing environments and scenes, you may want to drop by Abe’s Farm in Magalang, Pampanga. Located at the foot hills of Mt. Arayat, Abe’s Farm is just one of the many establishments and restaurants managed and owned by the LJC Restaurant Group which was started by retired journalist Larry J. Cruz. 

(photo was taken from their official website)

Named after Emilio Aguilar Cruz, Larry’s father, Abe’s Farm boasts an uncommon but relaxing setting where guests would be able to stay as far from their busy worlds as possible. Like other establishments owned by the LJC Restaurant Group, this ‘farm’ boasts dining prowess at its finest. Guests would be delighted to taste a number of sumptuous entrĂ©es, desserts, soups, noodles and other meals which would surely fill those hungry stomachs and bring smiles to their faces.

Abe’s Farms also offer spa services for guests who need to rejuvenate for weeks or months of non-stop work.  It offers aromatherapy, shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, full body and half body packages depending on your needs.

Aside from the word-class cuisine and spa services, Abe’s Farm also has a museum dedicated to Emilio Aguilar Cruz, who was also a journalist, artist, and former Press Undersecretary. Guests who want guide tours should contact the office a few days before the tour. 

We just manage to get an amateur youtube video of this resort (we'll still try to look for some online promotional video incase)

If you think Abe’s Farm is your kind of resort and recluse, make sure to send an email to info@abesfarm.com.ph or dial their telephone number at +(045) 865 1930 or mobile number at +(0917) 808 5187. 

Below is a guide location map.

To get more info about their resort, please visit their official website.